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Gear of the Show 2015: Julbo Aerospace Goggles

Eliminate goggle fog with such a simple fix? Genius.

Julbo's Aerospace goggles feature a venting system that keeps lenses from fogging up. (Photo: Julbo)
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Nothing ruins a powder day faster than fogged-up goggles. Which is why we’re so excited to try out Julbo’s new Aerospace goggles.

Their solution to the age-old problem is ingeniously simple: a quick tug on the photochromatic lenses pops them about a centimeter away from the frame, a mechanical venting system that Julbo says creates more than enough airflow to keep your lenses moisture-free. It takes less than a second to do—the corners of the lenses have ridges that are big enough that you can easily pop them out with gloves or mittens on.

Snowing? The Aerospaces come with a shield you can snap over the top. Available September 2015.

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Lead Photo: Julbo
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