The Watercar Panther

Hop in and say, “Bond, James Bond.”

The WaterCar Panther goes from land to sea with the touch of a button. (Courtesy of WaterCar)

The Panther’s builder, WaterCar, states that this car-boat combo is “the most-fun vehicle on the planet.” By the looks of it, the boasting could be true. The Panther, which resembles a Jeep CJ-8, can cruise at 55 miles per hour on land, and then, after a few button pushes, voila!—in 15 seconds, it’s now a boat that can pull James Bond on his wakeboard at 44 mph thanks to a Honda V6 V-TEC engine and patented transfer case.

Some other perks that would make gadget-maker Q flash an ear-to-ear grin include a special suspension system and extra-wide tires for off-road trysts or evasions.

So the next time you’re last in line at the boat launch, close your eyes, square that imaginary bow tie, and dream about driving that car of yours right into the water, leaving a wake of pure envy.


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