The JoltSensor

Take the guesswork out of head injuries

The JoltSensor alerts parents and coaches to potentially dangerous head impacts. (Courtesy of JoltSensor)
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With all the disturbing concussion news coming out of the NFL, the days of getting up and “shaking off” a head injury are gone. That was the inspiration for the two MIT graduates who dreamed up the JoltSensor.

JoltSensor Concussion safety mountain biking rock climbing football NFL head injury
(Courtesy of JoltSensor)

The tiny white sensor fits onto practically anything you wear on your head—from a thin headband to a hockey helmet. If the sensor detects a potentially dangerous impact, it vibrates and also sends an alert to the parent or coach’s smartphone, telling them that the athlete should be removed from play for a sideline evaluation. The app also provides instructions for coaches and trainers who may need to further evaluate the injury.

But the JoltSensor isn't just for team sports. It's also a great idea for rock climbers, mountain bikers, and any other extreme sports athletes who run the risk of taking a knock to the head. 


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