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Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker

A portable sound system built for the demands of the outdoors

The Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker can endure drops, submersion, and the long hours of a camping trip. (Photo: Courtesy of Fugoo)

Most Bluetooth speakers were designed for the sterile, weather-protected environs of the Great Indoors. Not the Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker. For the outdoor aficionado, there’s not a more rugged speaker on the market.

The Fugoo is waterproof—up to three feet for 30 minutes—making it ideal for kayaking, SUP, and other water sports. It’s also drop-tested to six feet, with an optional Tough case that can withstand a car running over it. And then there’s the battery. With 40 hours of juice, it can endure a long weekend camping trip without needing to power up. Just in case you weren’t already convinced that it’s an outdoor monster, the Fugoo has a variety of adapters to secure it to your bike, tripod, SUP, or nearby tree limb.

But most importantly, it thumps: Six drivers, divided by twos into tweeters, mid woofers, and deep, passive radiators, deliver a rich sound that fills up a tent or campsite. While it has interchangeable jackets for more stylish domestic use and display, the Fugoo Bluetooth Speaker excels in the great outdoors among the mud, the blood, and the beer.

$230 with Tough Case,