SylvanSport Go Easy Trailer

Tow this ultralight camping trailer with a motorcycle.

The SylvanSport Go Easy Trailer is light enough to be pulled with a motorcycle, but big enough to hold all your stuff. (Courtesy of SylvanSport)
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If you’ve ruled out a camper because it’s too expensive or you don’t own the right vehicle to haul it, then consider the SylvanSport Go Easy Trailer. It’s so light that a motorcycle can pull it.

But just because the Go Easy Trailer is small doesn’t mean you have to leave your creature comforts at home. According to its manufacturer, the trailer can haul up to five bikes or four kayaks. It even connects to a two-person camper, the Roost, which was specially made for it.

One of the sweetest things about the Go Easy is that you can trick it out with sustainable-living accessories like solar panels or SylvanSport’s Road Shower, which heats up water on top of your trailer while driving so that you can knock the stink off after you’ve unpacked your campsite. It might just end up as your only home.

Starting at $1,995,

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