Cesarré Kara Grill

A techy barbecue straight out of 'Elysium'

The Cesarré Kara Grill exemplifies both beauty and function for your next barbecue. (Courtesy of Cesarré)
Photo: Courtesy of Cesarré

French designer Cesarré wasn’t messing around when it created the Kara Grill. Doubling as both barbecue and modern sculpture, the Kara is fashioned out of electro-polished stainless steel, offering 400 square inches of cooking surface—more than enough space to prepare that Wagyu strip steak as you knock back a flute of gold-flaked champagne.

So what if you’re not a great grill master? You can still wow your friends by having them admire the six-foot-tall circular sculpture towering above you as you man the firebox below. The charcoal grill embodies the principles of simplicity and minimalism, which means there aren’t any hooks, gauges, or racks to break up its elegant look.

$7,000, cesarre.com

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