Schiller S1 Water Bike

Ditch that paddle and put the pedal to the seas.

Bike to that island paradise with the Schiller S1 Water Bike. (Courtesy of Schiller)
Photo: Courtesy of Schiller Schiller s1 water bike cycling water sports kayak island covet

At first glance, the Schiller S1 Water Bike looks like a simple trainer sitting on top of two inflatable pontoons. But no trainer or paddleboat moves like this.

A carbon belt drive powers the S1, which works in both salt- and freshwater environments. Like a normal road bike, you steer using the handlebars. But instead of tires, oscillating propellers move you forward. The S1 has an anodized aluminum frame and fits on most bike racks, and when you get to your embarkation point, you can throw it together in less than 10 minutes thanks to its break-apart construction.

For added convenience, the Schiller S1 Water Bike comes with a watertight compartment so you can pack your sandwiches for that quaint island picnic.


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