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HyperIce Vyper

Rattle and roll

Slater and Vonn's secret weapon? The HyperIce Vyper vibrating foam roller. (Photo: Courtesy of HyperIce)
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Think the foam roller is too basic a tool to evolve? Think again. The HyperIce Vyper—part foam roller, part vibrator—is in a recovery category of its own.

Like other foam rollers on the market, the Vyper helps work out knots in tight muscles. Unlike other foam rollers, it comes with an internal vibrator that can be set to three different frequency levels. The Vyper runs on rechargeable lithium ion batteries that provide two hours of roll time per charge. 

Not convinced? Several pro athletes use it, including surfing legend Kelly Slater and alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn, who helped test the Vyper prototype. If the rehab tool passes muster with the greatest surfer of all time and an Olympic gold medalist, maybe it's worth adding to your gym bag.


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Lead Photo: Courtesy of HyperIce
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