Your iPhone Needs a Leash

On the chairlift, in a kayak, at the crag, we’ve all dropped our phones. This handy tether prevents the device from hitting the deck.

The Highline comes with a removable leash that didn't let go even when we threw our phone at the ground. (Michael Frank)
Photo: Michael Frank

We were more than a little dubious when we first heard about the Kenu Highline. Seriously, an idiot string for a phone?

But the company shipped us one to test anyway, and within exceedingly short order, we became fans of the system. Drop your iPhone 6 in three feet of fresh, and there’s a chance you’ll never see it again. But the Highline eliminates that hazard.

The Highline is essentially a thin, polycarbonate phone case with a removable leash attached to it. One end of the elastic band, which has Kevlar running through it, connects to the iPhone 6 power port via flexible plastic clip. The other end secures to the user’s body, wrapping around a zipper pull or belt buckle.

It takes a fair bit of force to remove the leash from the case, but that’s the point, right? You don’t want it to release inadvertently. We tried repeated faux drops with this thing (literally throwing the iPhone at the ground) to see if we could overwhelm the tether. No dice. The Highline held.

What’s cool is that you don’t have to walk around with the leash attached all the time. The case can fly solo, and looks and feels good doing just that.

But when you think you might need the added security, fire up the lasso and you’ve got a “chain-wallet” setup in full effect.

$29.95 for iPhone 6; also available for 6+; 5/5S and 4/4S iPhones.

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