Mindsailors Snow Crawler

Just let it snow already.

The Mindsailors Snow Crawler is an electric snowmobile with an enclosed cab. (Photo: Courtesy of Mindsailors)
Mindsailors snow crawler snowmobile electric winter boston north east

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As the East Coast gets pummeled with yet another snowstorm, there is hope. No, not spring. Its name is the Mindsailors Snow Crawler. The brainchild of Pole Michal Bonikowski, the co-founder and co-owner of the Mindsailors studio, gives you one thing most snowmobiles don’t offer: warmth thanks to an enclosed cabin.

Another impressive feature? The Snow Crawler is completely electric, so you don't have to shell our for gasoline again. But what really sets this thing apart from your typical snowmobile is how it works. Its caterpillars are positioned behind it, not below it, which means more propulsion and better handling in difficult terrain. (Think: major Boston thoroughfares.)


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Lead Photo: Courtesy of Mindsailors
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