Douglas Gantenbein

Douglas Gantenbein


Outdoor Research Salamander Gaiter

Do I need gaiters?

I'm planning to hike the Long Range Traverse at Gros Morne National Park, which is a four- to five-day trek without trails. I have Arc'teryx Alpha SL pants, but I'm wondering if I should to bring...

What wheels should I get for my new road bike?

Swi of gear, I finally bought my first road bike since I was a kid: a nice carbon-fiber Specialized that is kind to my back. What I need is some advice on a good set of wheels to replace the original...

The Rogue

What's the best backpack for triathlons?

Hi, I compete in triathlons and I was wondering what you would suggest for a backpack. Even better, a backpack that could also also used for snowboarding and camping. — John Fargo, ND

How can I repair a tear in a sleeping bag?

My son is a Boy Scout and had a very nice and somewhat expensive cold-weather sleeping bag from The North Face. He recently discovered a small tear in the nylon fabric. I am looking for advice about...

The Tetragon 1210

How can I prevent an old tent from leaking?

I have an older tent, it's still in great condition... except it leaks. I was in a rainstorm and the whole tent leaked, not just the seams but the actual roof fabric. After the tent dried I...

What are the best pair of desert pants?

I’m going to be in Syria this summer, and want to find a good pair of non-convertible desert pants that aren’t too tight around the ankles. Any ideas? Tyler Arcata, CA