Serengeti Nuvola - Sunglasses: Reviews

This svelte wonder is eminently forgettable—high praise for sports shades, which should be neither seen nor felt. Light weight is only part of the disappearing act. The rimless design means there's no frame to impede your view. The wrap lens shape covers eyes so well, you barely notice the edges. The polarized gray lenses cut glare, and with the photochromic shift from medium to stygian, you're good to go for most daylight conditions.

Bonus: Comfort, antiglare polarization, and self-adjusting tint add up to supreme shades for driving.

Bummer: Though surprisingly crisp, the gray lenses don't quite cut it if you live or die by instant visual input -- mountain biking, say, or running ankle-breaker trails.

Filed To: Men's / Sunglasses
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