Bollé Envy - Sunglasses: Reviews

Women don't need to settle for the Terminator look just to get performance shades. In this totally feminine number, you can break hearts, then whup some ass on the beach volleyball court. The Envy is a powerful sun buster with polarized poly lenses in a gray tint deep enough for high noon on white sand. Lenses are big, for coverage high and low, and they wrap back for peripheral protection. The Envy trades away some sport bona fides, like grippy material at the nose and ears, but sits solidly enough for everything but league play. In return you get chichi touches like silver chevrons at the temples, putting the Envy unapologetically on the swank side of the fashion/sport line.

Bonus: Looks like you spent a lot more than you did.

Bummer: The Olsen twins might already be wearing them.

Filed To: Men's / Sunglasses
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