Walden Magic Model - Surfboards: Reviews

This nine-footer is a high-performance board with plenty of float, so it's Cadillac-smooth in peeling surf. Up front it's wide, round, and inviting for toes-on-the-nose time. And the double concave hulls spill to the tail in a slight V, which gives the board a shot of high-octane get-up-and-go. Pair that with hard rails and a two-plus-one fin setup, and I was able to rip it from the tail like a smaller board. It may look like a family sedan, but it's all roadster under the hood.

Bonus: The extra float and smooth paddling are guaranteed to boost your wave count.

Bummer: In waves over shoulder height, a board this large may be a bit unwieldy for less experienced surfers. 8'–9'6"; www.waldensurfboards.com

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