L.L. Bean Microlight Solo - Camping Tents: Reviews

Why It's CoolIt's one of the few solo tents I can get dressed inside of without doing Pilates. The 36-inch ceiling let me sit posture-perfect. The 20-square-foot floor spans seven and a half feet, with enough room to sleep and also stash my clothes and other essentials. » The all-mesh canopy panted like a teenager on a hot date, while four roof vents chaperoned out all condensation. » Four corner stakes and two pole hoops are all it takes to erect the canopy. With the fly attached, the buckle adjusters torque out the Microlight, making it too taut to sag. The spacious vestibule swallowed my gear, and the fly shed water like a waxed Camaro.

Hmmm . . .Wet grass dampened the floor after two days—get the $15 footprint.

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