REI Quarter Dome UL - Camping Tents: Reviews

Why It's CoolThis freestanding phenom, a measly three pounds 11 ounces, has twin doors and vestibules! It pitches in seconds, using two color-coded poles, one-way sleeves, and nifty cleat-lock adjusters. » Mesh ceiling panels and a single roof vent evacuated my CO2 and kept the interior nearly bone-dry. Dual mesh doors let in the breeze, and at seven square feet apiece, the twin vestibules provided plenty o' stowage space. » During a three-day spritzing in southern Utah, the little Quarter Dome posted a perfect no-leak score. Atop an 11,200-foot Colorado ridge, the tent stood taut in 50-mile-per-hour winds.

Hmmm . . .The two-person rating is pushing it; the 28-square-foot floor is for munchkins.

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