Vaude Hogan Ultralight 1 - Camping Tents: Reviews

Why It's CoolThis freestanding creation is fast, sleek, and comfy. The quick-pitch canopy is suspended beneath the fly, so it hoists in a single maneuver. » The main pole threads through a one-way sleeve. Easy-peasy. » The 33-square-foot floor is roomy, and I could guy out the walls a respectable eight inches. » Despite a small mesh panel in the mostly taffeta canopy, this tent is an über-ventilator. » The four-inch awning made for a certifiably dry entry and exit during some robust precip, and the twin-zippered vestibule can be configured on either side or completely raised. » The yellow-and-orange fabric made me pine for the Caribbean—and a piña colada.

Hmmm . . .Considering the price tag, higher-quality zippers are in order.

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