Big Agnes Yampa - Sleeping Bags: Reviews

Why It's CoolAgnes replaces the hood with a rectangular pocket that you stuff with your clothes (tip: stick to the clean stuff) to make a pillow. Given that you won't be braving arctic nights in this summer-weight bag, a hood is less critical—and the pillow feature is pretty plush. » I donned a wool hat at bedtime and stayed comfortable when the mercury dipped below 40 degrees. As expected, though, things got downright frosty when I tried the Yampa on a freezing night. » At one pound 11 ounces, you barely notice it in your pack.

Hmmm . . .Without the hood, the bag cinches around your shoulders like a potato sack, so it's not super-effective at sealing in warm air. But, hey, you won't be taking this into your snow cave.

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