REI Sub Kilo +20 - Sleeping Bags: Reviews

Why It's CoolCuddling up to the two-pound-two-ounce Sub Kilo definitely took the edge off a few damp, chilly nights in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Two curvy lines stitched down the length of the bag to prevent the 700-fill goose down from clumping worked as billed: No cold spots arose in the wee hours. » The neck drawcord is flat, and the one on the hood is round—so you can tell them apart in the dark when you grab the clip they both run through to cinch 'em tight. » In its stuffsack, the Sub Kilo easily cinches down to the size of a volleyball.

Hmmm . . .The Pertex nylon shell isn't weatherproof, so don't ruffle your feathers by exposing it to a downpour.

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