Valandré Shocking Blue - Sleeping Bags: Reviews

Why It's CoolThis is the first year that Valandré bags have been distributed in the United States, but it won't be the last, despite the shocking price tag. Why? Old World craftsmanship. Each bag is hand-sewn in the Pyrenees from 48 panels of fabric. The slim chambers are amply filled with luxuriously high-loft French gray goose down. » I hate that trapped feeling my tootsies get beneath tucked-in bed covers, which makes me perfect for the Shocking Blue—it curves up at the bottom to mimic the natural angle of feet. » It's rated, conservatively, to minus 15 degrees.

Hmmm . . .The "Marie Antoinette collar" is a bit of overengineering—insulated flaps fasten over your shoulders and around your neck.

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