MSR Windpro - Canister Stoves: Reviews

Why It's CoolThe canister version of MSR's liquid-fuel SimmerLite shares its twin's huge burner head, with similar pot supports that rotate into place and double as the feet. The legs endow the WindPro with the second-largest pot platform of all the cookers we tested, and the steadiness of a cast-iron stove. » As with liquid-fuel stoves, the canister and easy-to-grab adjustment knob are connected by a stainless-steel braided-mesh pipeline, away from the burner, so toppling a pot isn't a concern when you're dialing in a nice, slow simmer (at which, by the way, the WindPro excels). » When nestled within the accompanying tin windscreen, the WindPro fended off zephyrs better than its competitors, which aided cooking and boiling time in blustery conditions.

Hmmm . . .The pot supports require some muscle to maneuver into position.

BurnsIsobutane canister.

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Lead Photo: Clay Ellis
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