Primus Omnifuel - Liquid-Fuel Stoves: Reviews

Why It's CoolThe well-engineered OmniFuel has all the reassuring stability of a good marriage, thanks to an impressive wingspan (three arms form a pot landing pad some six inches across) and a stainless-steel-sheathed fuel line long enough to lift and pump the bottle without reprisal. » Twist the glove-friendly flame adjuster from low to high and a languishing egg yolk fairly leaps off the griddle. » Invert the bottle once it's finished and the OmniFuel shuts itself down and bleeds the fuel line: No more petrol spills when breaking camp. » Its carrying sack has a zippered pocket to corral the parts needed to rejigger this jack-of-all-fuels in foreign lands, the OmniFuel's métier.

Hmmm . . .The stove's physical heft (one pound two ounces with white-gas configuration) is surpassed only by its price tag. » It takes a deft wrist to pinpoint the "sweet spot" for low-temp cooking.

BurnsIsobutane canisters, white gas, kerosene, diesel, unleaded gas, jet fuel, dried yak dung (well, almost).

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Lead Photo: Clay Ellis