Columbia Atlas Mountain Pullover - Lightweight Jackets: Reviews

Why It's CoolIt's 50 bucks! Which is not to say it's anything close to cheap. Like the Moonstone pullover that's also reviewed here, this simple, silky polyester shell will serve you well on on a gusty run, a drizzly dog walk, or an epic mountain-bike ride. » It's super-breathable, and resists water and wind. » A microfleece lining keeps the collar from sticking to your neck. » The rain flap covering the chest zipper is oriented toward the reaching hand, so you don't have to struggle to fish out your Fig Newtons. » The wide, thin band of elastic at the cuffs is ultra-low-profile, making it a cinch to slip on another layer.

Hmmm . . .The tacking on the inside hem of the collar can pluck at the hairs on the back of your neck like a bratty little sister.

Filed To: Men's
Lead Photo: Chris Bartlett
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