Moonstone Hyperlight Windshirt - Lightweight Jackets: Reviews

Why It's CoolThe ripstop nylon fabric is embedded with a carbon yarn designed to dissipate static cling. So whether you're layering it with a shaggy fleece or shagging in a fleecy lair, you won't get that irritating snap-crackle-pop that synthetic threads tend to give off when they rub together. It's a thoughtful touch in a garment that you pull on and off over your head. » It turns back wind, breathes like Iyengar, and practically atomizes water droplets. » It's rated to maintain at least 80 percent of its water repellency after 100 washings—five times the industry standard. » Thin elastic at the cuffs averts bulk and makes it easy to yank up the sleeves on a sweaty mountain-bike climb. » The Hyperlight balls up to the size of a navel orange.

Hmmm . . .The reflective Scotchlite accents left me wondering if they, too, would last 100 washes.

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