Sycip Diesel - Mountain Bikes: Reviews

Why pack 27 gears when you can crush your friends with just one? The Diesel's list of features reads like a single-speed mantra: slick Formula Oro Puro disc brakes, dual rear cogs (16 and 18) on back for gearing options if the terrain turns testy, and Paragon's trick slider dropouts for simple chain tensioning. An all-steel hardtail may be brazenly retro, but the Diesel earns plenty of style points with its signature seatstays and the gleam of metallic-red Phil Wood hubs against the frame's luminescent jade finish. And the ride is as good as the aesthetic—all quick turns and hard charging. "I felt like I was in third grade on my BMX," said one grinning tester. "Bunny hops, kick-outs, and wheelies felt not only doable, but necessary." 23.6 lbs, 18 in;

Bonus: A cast bronze head badge caps off the head-turning good looks.

Bummer: That's a lot of coin to get a bitchin' ride that no one else has.

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