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Patagonia Weathershed - Luggage: Reviews

Rainforest explorers and Weather Channel illiterates, take note: The aptly named WeatherShed defies the elements. It's roofed with a rubbery topside fabric, sealed with a water-resistant zipper, and finished with a bathtublike plastic bottom. The duffel yawns open like a doctor's black bag, exposing a 4,100-cube interior that isn't fussy about bulky gear. Quarantine stinky boots and laundry in a separate baffle pocket. It's also one sweet drive, trundling on oversize Patagonia-exclusive wheels.

Bonus: Makes even dirtbag travelers look classy.

Bummer: No off-roading—it has suitcase handles but no backpack straps.

Filed To: Men'sLuggage
Lead Photo: Mark Wiens
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