Olympus SP-350 - Digital Cameras: Reivews

The 3x-optical-zoom-equipped SP-350 has all the trappings of an SLR—manual exposure controls, an ergonomic grip, and external-flash hot shoe—but without the bulk. During a late-summer trip through Jasper National Park, I tucked this 9.6-ounce black beauty into my jacket pocket and carried it everywhere, even on fast-and-light hikes. The macro mode—which focuses down to eight-tenths of an inch—captured highly detailed close-ups of Rocky Mountain wildflowers. www.olympusamerica.com

Bonus: For shooting in bright sun or dim light, the SP-350's true optical viewfinder—a feature rarely found on digicams these days—is a boon.

Bummer: The large files produced by the eight-megapixel sensor take a little extra time to write to the card.

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