Hi-Tec V-Lite Lava Run - Trail Running Shoes: Reviews


Isn't it disheartening when you spot a chunky-looking guy at the starting line—inside you think, Well, at least I won't come in last—and then he pulls away, leaving you sucking wind? The Lava Run is that guy. "They look like they'd be clunky," said one tester, "but I was impressed with how smooth and nimble they are." There's a luxurious amount of cushioning in the Lava's perforated sock liner and thick foam midsole, but, despite that extra cush and a durable, hiker-inspired Vibram sole, it doesn't ride like a tank. True, it isn't nearly as agile as a race-tuned model, but the overall package is still fleet enough for hardpacked trails. 13 oz; hi-tec.com

Bonus: Water-resistant uppers kept our feet dry in damp conditions.

Bummer: For the weight, it should have better toe and upper reinforcements.

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