New Balance 790 - Trail Running Shoes: Reviews


Designers got out their knives—very sharp ones at that—and stripped the 790 down for speed: It's a full five ounces lighter than some shoes here. Not surprisingly, the featherweight design didn't impress any testers in the cushioning or armor departments, and it's probably not the best choice for long base-building runs. But when you need to get someplace in a hurry—finish line, anyone?—this is like a racing flat for trails. It's also a great shoe if you don't need a lot of support, and run on mostly level, soft terrain like duff- or grass-covered paths. "By far my favorite shoe for fast running," said one tester. "It moves quickly without inhibiting your stride." 8 oz;

Bonus: Low-profile lugs provide great trail feel.

Bummer: Think twice before choosing this shoe for the most technical terrain.

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