Toshiba Portégé R100 - Laptops: Reviews

Yowza, this one's thinner than Mary-Kate Olsen! To achieve a sub-one-inch cross section, Toshiba stripped the Portégé R100 down to the basics and offers a separate docking station and a readable DVD and read/write CD drive. While its competitors obsess over silvery Mac-style aluminum, Toshiba—en route to an impressive three-pound-two-ounce weigh-in—bumped the Portégé's housing one row down the periodic table, encasing this racehorse in sexy magnesium.

Specs:Hard drive: 40 gigabytes >> Processor: 1.1 gigahertz >> RAM: 512 megabytes >> Weight: 3 pounds 2 ounces >> Screen: 12-inch LCD >> Bonus: Integrated Wi-Fi

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