Tecnica Mizar GTX - Day Hiking Shoes: Reviews

Why They're CoolThe Mizars' radically low weight (two pounds four ounces) arrives courtesy of a feathery midsole-insole combination made of polyurethane and nylon. » Tough nubuck leather covers about 95 percent of the uppers, affording these lightweight boots heavyweight durability. Rubber toe and heel guards helps too. » The dual-density soles employ grippy lugs around the perimeter and stiffer lugs in the center. Traction proved most impressive on sloped granite and steep dirt. » I liked the outsole's combination of a stiff heel and arch with a flexible forefoot, which provided an effortless walking motion. » All this, and Tecnica still managed to squeeze in a Gore-Tex bootie.

Hmmm . . .The cushioning under that flexible forefoot seemed scant.

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