HP Pavilion DV1000 - Laptops: Reviews

The God Bless America entry in this group, HP plays to our bigger-is-better leanings with this tote-bag equivalent of Imax. Multiple headphone jacks, Harmon Kardon speakers, BrightView widescreen, and a handheld remote (obviating the long reach from your first-class seat to the tray table) re-create the cinema experience. And because seconds matter, HP developed QuickPlay so CDs and DVDs can run without spinning the hard drive. Go ahead, HP, show us what life is really like out on the savanna.

Specs:Hard drive: 60 gigabytes >> Processor: 1.5 gigahertz >> RAM: 512 megabytes Weight: 5 pounds 8 ounces >> Screen: 14 inches >> Bonus: Widescreen, integrated Wi-Fi, HP QuickPlay to allow DVDs and CDs to start up in less than 15 seconds

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