The North Face Vario 23 - Camping Tents: Reviews


The split-personality Vario uses a weight-saving design—two sides are single-wall, two are traditional double-wall—to achieve an impressive weight/strength/space ratio. And it's even roomier than it appears, thanks to a brow pole over the center of the tent and precurved poles that maximize interior space. The only downside: condensation. Despite overhead vents, without a breeze to move air through, we often woke up to damp walls, even on a bone-dry night in Montana's Rattlesnake Wilderness Area. 4.2 lbs;

Bonus: It comes with a compression stuffsack and flat-topped stakes that don't gouge your hands.

Bummer: A second door and vestibule would improve ventilation—and make for happier tentmates.

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