Adidas T 7 ATS - Hiking Shoes: Reviews


Speed freaks will love this runner/hiker hybrid, which Adidas dubs an adventure shoe—we just call it fast. A cushioned, flexy sole with running DNA is just the start. The upper, constructed of mostly wide-open mesh, kept our feet ventilated even on days that topped 90 degrees. And the traction was as good as it gets on rock: One tester said they "suctioned" to boulders. The high-traction rubber gave us confidence while traversing, scrambling, and even pulling a few Class 4 moves in Colorado's Indian Peaks. It's not as armored as some hikers here, but we loved it for quick ascents.

Bonus: The heel has an air chamber and a framework of foam and rubber for soft, secure landings.

Bummer: It's not the best fit for wide or high-volume feet.

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