Big Sky International Evolution 2P - Camping Tents: Reviews


Some solo tents weigh more than this spacious two-person shelter. By utilizing ultralight materials and an every-ounce-counts design—notice the lack of fabric at the corners—the three-pound Evolution is in a class by itself. Which, considering it has two doors, a roomy interior, and four good-size mesh pockets, is pretty darn impressive. Add the à la carte component menu—you can choose everything, from poles (carbon fiber or aluminum) and stakes (four different kinds) to rain fly (ultralight or ridiculously light)—and you get a tent every gram-counter will love. 3 lbs (as tested);

Bonus: The amazing space-to-weight ratio includes two legit vestibules.

Bummer: With clips and carbon-fiber poles, a taut pitch was tough to achieve, even with the tent fully guyed out.

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