Black Diamond Mesa - Camping Tents: Reviews


Pardon our bluntness, but testers were unanimous: This tent has its shit together. How? The weight-to-space ratio is outstanding, the design simple and effective, and the protection bomber. With a quick-pitching hubbed pole design, two doors, and a spacious 36-square-foot interior, the Mesa was the most sought-after tent on an early-winter trip in Washington's Mount Baker–Snoqualmie National Forest. Wraparound mesh is great for both ventilation and star watching, while the bright orange fly adds a touch of good cheer when you're waiting out nasty weather. 5.1 lbs;

Bonus: Tons of headroom (44 inches) thanks to a short extender pole up top.

Bummer: My tentmate and I slept face-to-feet, but his end had both gear pockets.

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