Five Ten Camp Four - Hiking Shoes: Reviews


Can a low-cut hiker really deliver the ankle support of a high-top? Um, no. But the Camp Four comes darn close. The trick is accomplished with bands of thick PU molded to the rear of the shoe, which offered stiff resistance when my ankles tried to roll. The support is welcome, since the Camp Four's traction inspires overconfidence when scrambling. Five Ten employs two different densities of rubber in the outsole: tacky stuff on the toe for sticking landings, and a harder compound underfoot. I bounced down boulders on Tennessee's rugged Honey Creek Loop at almost twice my normal speed.

Bonus: The laces, which extend all the way to the top of the toes, allow tight control when the trail goes vertical.

Bummer: The shoes felt a bit hot in the warmest weather.

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Lead Photo: Mark Wiens
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