Liquidlogic Ronin - Whitewater Kayaks: Reviews


If your town has a play park, put this boat in it. Here's why: On a steep breaking wave, a slow, bouncy boat will get you airborne. But on down-tempo man-made waves, the boat has to make up the difference. The Ronin does: It's slightly shorter—and has a wider stern—than Liquidlogic's big-wave boat, the Vision. On slow waves it came up to plane quickly, setting me high on the pile, with ample leverage and balance to make that first stroke down into the trough. 49 and 59 gal;

Bonus: Ample hull speed and flared, buoyant ends make it a great boat for river running and even mild creeking.

Bummer: Compared with the Vision, it's harder to toss around in flatwater.

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