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Anacapa Glider - Surfboards: Reviews


This is the shortboard for surfers with champagne taste and a box-wine budget. The six-foot-plus Glider was designed by Al Merrick, the revered shaper at Channel Islands Surfboards, and then mass-produced in Thailand by Global Surf Industries. It's a classic all-around shape, and in both medium-size beach break and heavier overhead surf we found the ride fast and relatively loose. One tester even got barreled on his very first wave on this board. And here's the best part: At 20 inches wide and two and three-quarters inches thick, the Glider doesn't require expert skills to enjoy it. 6', 6'3", and 6'8";

Bonus: With the money saved you can make a soulful donation to the Surfrider Foundation.

Bummer: Can a factory-produced board have soul? See Bonus.

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Lead Photo: Mark Wiens
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