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Walden Stand Up Paddleboard - Surfboards: Reviews


Instead of stroking with their arms, stand-up surfers use a long-shafted paddle and a huge board to catch waves—from the tiniest Cardiff shin-slappers to beefy Makaha bombs. It's not easy, so learning on a superstable board like the 4.5-inch-thick, 12-foot-long Walden is best. You'll also want a lightweight, carbon-fiber paddle, like C4Waterman's Pohaku Beach Boy Paddle ($335; 12';

Bonus: It's a great antidote to the blues on flat, waveless days.

Bummer: You're going to need the muscles you develop from stand-up paddling just to carry this 30-pound behemoth to the beach.

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Lead Photo: Mark Wiens
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