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FujiFilm FinePix F31fd - Digital Cameras: Reviews


Are you a people person? What separates this camera from all the other 6-meg point-and-shoots is a sensor that enables it to detect faces in the frame—up to ten at a time—and automatically set the precise focus and exposure for each one. I was skeptical, but at a beach party in Vancouver, the F31fd captured the best candid shots I've ever taken with a pocket cam. And because it can shoot at a higher ISO than most digicams—up to 3200—I was able to shoot without a flash in extremely low light. 6.3 megapixels;

Bonus: The built-in smart flash accounts for the amount of both backlight and ambient light. Result? Images are more natural than those taken with a standard flash.

Bummer: The array of buttons is far from intuitive. Expect to read the manual before they become second nature.

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Lead Photo: Mark Wiens
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