Sony Cyber-shot DSC-N2 - Digital Cameras: Reviews


Sony has recognized the way people use digital cameras today—to show pictures, not just take them—and created a model well suited to the task. The DSC-N2 records each photo twice—once to the memory card and once, at a lower resolution, to an internal 26MB memory. Whether you remove the card or download images to your desktop, the internal memory always has a record of your last 500 shots to share with friends. Plus it has a quick shutter response—we couldn't detect any lag—and a 10.1-megapixel sensor. 10.1 megapixels;

Bonus: Despite the camera's diminutive size, it produced sharp 11-by-14-inch prints.

Bummer: Manipulating settings and modes on the three-inch LCD touch screen is a cinch, but the resulting fingerprints require cleaning.

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