Rudy Project Syluro - Sunglasses: Reviews


Even in the hand, the Syluro appears to be screaming-fast, with not a milligram of unnecessary baggage. At just over an ounce, this svelte number weighs half as much as some shades here. And it still has beefed-up metal hinge pieces and super-strong ImpactX lenses (with material originally developed for bulletproof military windshields). Of the multitude of lens-tint options, serious cyclists and other speed freaks will love photochromic red, which adjusts from pinkish at dawn and dusk to dark gray. And thanks to Rudy's trademark bendable nosepiece and wire-cored temples, the Syluro stays secure on every shape of head. Rx-able;

Bonus: The ventilation gap (between suspended lenses and overhead frame) is masterfully engineered; only a force field could do better.

Bummer: You pay to play.

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