High Sierra 35" Drop-Bottom Wheeled Duffel - Luggage: Reviews


If you can't fit it in this dual-compartment, 7,690-cubic-inch beast, you don't need it. On a weeklong mountain-bike tour in South Dakota, we designated one compartment "clean"—for fresh laundry and camera gear—and stashed everything else, from helmets to a couple of tires to a 12-pack, in the other. A zippered pocket served as a hazmat isolation ward for all things dank or disgusting—like gross bike shorts. And thanks to its Teflon-coated, ballistic-grade nylon, molded corner guards, and kick plate, nothing fazed this behemoth. highsierrasport.com

Bonus: Hoisting it into the truck was a cinch, thanks to two sturdy end handles.

Bummer: The haul handle straps flop around without a buckle adjustment.

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