La Sportiva Crossroads - Trail Runners: Review

Trail, road, trail, road: Like other 2006 standouts, this shoe understands your dilemma and solves it with a mix of cushioning, stability, and traction. Sportiva's climbing-shoe heritage shows in the sticky FriXion AT outsole, and the sharper-than-average heel cut provides good braking on steep descents. Unlike some of the grippiest shoes, it has a low-profile tread to make a smooth transition to hard dirt or pavement. Cool feature: You get rigid underfoot protection with a nylon shank, but two flex grooves in the forefoot make for easy toe-off.

Bonus: Synthetic leather stabilizes the mesh upper.

Bummer: It's a bit heavier than average, and the forefoot mesh on one sample tore. 15 oz;

Filed To: Men'sTrail-Running Shoes
Lead Photo: Mark Wiens
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