Zamberlan Trek Lite - Day Hiking Shoes: Reviews

Why They're CoolNothing beats a one-piece leather upper for durability, support, and comfort. A quick treatment with Nikwax Waterproofing Wax kept these boots totally dry. » Widely spaced lugs on the Vibram soles stuck to every surface I threw 'em at, from sandy washes to knife-edged volcanic ridges. » Should you be crazy enough to shoulder a 50-pound pack in this titanium age, the polyurethane midsole will provide unconditional support, while a stiff, tapered nylon insole will armor your feet against trail debris. » At only three pounds six ounces, the Treks are truly Lite. And, for this kind of quality, they're a screaming bargain.

Hmmm . . .The forefoot of the boot takes some breaking in.

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