Teva X-1/C - Trail Runners: Review

If you took a razor and cut every gram of fat from a typical trail runner, you'd get the X-1/C. Amazingly, Teva didn't have to whittle away stability to do it. The trick: The upper's lacing-and-support system, called Wraptor Lite, pushes your instep toward the center of the shoe while freeing your toes for great balance and rapid-fire maneuvering. Midsole cushioning didn't come under the knife either, making this featherweight a true long-distance performer.

Bonus: Mesh vents at the rear of the arch let cool air circulate through the heel pocket.

Bummer: When laced tightly, the plastic Wraptor supports caused cramping for flat-footed testers. 11 oz;

Filed To: Men'sTrail-Running Shoes
Lead Photo: Mark Wiens
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