Global Surf Industries McTavish Fireball - Surfboards: Reviews


Bob McTavish shaped the original Fireball in 1994. Since then, his 9'1" performance longboard has become a hard-to-find classic—until late 2007, when Global Surf Industries started mass-producing it. Our GSI model rode well in a variety of conditions, from crisp East Coast beach rollers to a point break off mainland Mexico. Its relatively flat hull catches waves easily, and it's also lively once you're up. The Fireball comes with a 2+1 tri-fin setup, but our testers preferred it as a looser singlefin. And while it's a bit heavier than we like, all that additional mass (and a double-concave tail) lent it much speed. 9'1", 9'3", 9'6";

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