Nikon D100 - Digital Cameras: Reviews

Why It's CoolGot an existing arsenal of Nikon lenses? The 6.1-megapixel D100 will accept them all. » It can fire at 1/4,000 of a second to capture true stop-action pictures. » If you can't find a power receptacle for the removable, rechargeable battery pack, the D100 will accept standard AA's. » Don't sweat the user manual; the D100's function menu and interface are among the most intuitive available. » Fire a remarkable three frames per second at the very largest JPEG size. » The camera uses Compact Flash cards—the most affordable storage media out there.

Hmmm . . .At 25 ounces (body only), the plastic D100 is heavy, and it's still pricey: Look for Nikon's cheaper, lighter D70, coming out soon, to challenge Canon's Rebel.

*Expect to pay less than MSRP at your local shop.

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