Raleigh Supercourse

It's nice to see carbon-frame bikes in this price range. But although the cost is a bit de-tuned, the performance certainly isn't. This is the same stiff frame used in Raleigh's top race bikes, and our testers found it surprisingly zippy on the flats and punchy on the climbs. And everyone was impressed that the Supercourse came equipped with FSA's compact handlebars, which offered an easy reach to the drops while maintaining wrist clearance. It's odd to see a frame like this outfitted with Shimano's lower-end (and clunky) Tiagra parts, but they work just fine—assuming you're not looking to impress your bike-snob buddies. If you are, check out the Raleigh Competition ($2,200); it's the same frame with better parts. 19.4 lbs, 56cm; raleighusa.com




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